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Cryptocurrency Mining in the Lehigh Valley

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RigShare in the Community

Join us at our Meetup group!

If you’d like to come meet us and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the Lehigh Valley, we encourage you to attend our monthly Meetup, Lehigh Valley Crypto-Tech!

The group meets every 3rd Thursday night of the month at the Braveheart Highland Pub in Hellertown, PA! We spend a couple of hours in a casual setting discussing the latest news & trends in the industry. It’s always a great conversation, and we’d love if you took the time to come visit and bring your perspective to the community!

Learn more on our Meetup page!

We are the proud sponsor of the
FUEL RigShare Cup Series!

If you love cryptocurrency and racing, you’ll enjoy the FUEL RigShare Cup Series, complete with professional broadcasting and a full roster of dedicated sim racers! We believe in the future of eSports and are proud to support FUEL in its mission to showcase quality racing on the iRacing platform!

Check it out Tuesdays @ 9 PM EST!

More information can be found on the FUEL Racing League website!

About Us

Image of Ethereum ASIC miners

RigShare, LLC incorporated in 2016 exclusively focused on mining Ethereum and offering contracts to local supporters who wanted to learn more about the technology and be a part of its infrastructure. As interest in our business grew, we began selling equipment and offering our help to new miners in the area. In 2017, we created the Lehigh Valley Crypto-Tech Meetup group to reach out to the community and facilitate discussion about the latest topics and trends in the industry.

Today, we are proud cryptocurrency miners with expertise in blockchain technology and a passion for being a part of the growing community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts!

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